It's been a while since I entered a gamejam and I won't be able to make it to the next , so I decided to enter MiniJam 130 with another game in .

The themes are "Lunar" and "10 Seconds", so I went for the least original idea: A lunar lander clone with a 10 second time limit.

As usual, you can play it on and check the source code on GitHub.

There are quite a few performance issues (don't try it on Firefox) and I found quite some bugs in Minart during the development. However, it's going to take me a while to fix them, so that will have to wait for a post-jam version.

One of the reasons I like to enter jams once in a while is to find bugs/problems in Minart. On that regard, this was clearly a success.🙂

After 6 months working on it, I finally released Minart 0.5.0-RC1, now with sound support. 🚀

This new version also drops 2.11 support, which was a pain to maintain.

I've been testing it with my previous entries and it seems to work pretty well. Once I've ported everything and am sure there are no obvious bugs I'll release the final version (and maybe write a blog post about it).

In the meantime, and unrelated to audio, this new version also comes with a bunch of performance improvements, so I can finally release Twotm8-native, an example GUI application in Scala Native. Check it out! 🙂