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So many cool news in Scala recently:

Scala 3.2.2 was just released and this time I'm in the contributor list 🎉. I wonder if a CSS change to scaladoc is enough for me to add "Compiler Engineer" to my CV 🤔.

Scala Native 0.4.10 and Scala JS 1.13.0 were also released recently, finally dropping 2.11 support. 🔥

Having both projects doing this at the same time is awesome! No weird cross-building problems for those who want to update (I was a bit scared that some libraries would rather drop Scala Native instead of 2.11) and it's a nice incentive for libraries to finally remove 2.11 support for good!

A timeline for reference:

  • 2.11.0 was released on Apr 17, 2014.
  • 2.12.0 was released on Nov 3, 2016 (6 years ago!).
  • 2.11.12 (the last 2.11 version) was released on Nov 9, 2017 (5 years ago).
  • Spark added 2.12 support on 2.4.0, which was released in Oct 29, 2018.
  • Scala native added 2.12 support in 0.4.0, released in Jan 19, 2021.

So it seems more than enough time for most applications to upgrade. 🙂

After 6 years I finally messed up this server in a way that I don't seem to be able to recover - partly my fault, but also partly due the booting logic that Scaleway used on this (now deprecated) instance type.

I was already constantly running out of memory anyway, so this might be a good time to upgrade. Still, just a heads up that federation with this instance might be a bit bumpy during the next week. 😬

João Costa shared 2 months ago
João Costa shared 2 months ago