I wanted to play a bit more with transparencies on a more game-like scenario, so I did a very small side scroller demo like a space shooter intro segment where the planet is being destroyed.

I think it turned out quite nice, almost looks like a real game.😛

Also, I recently played the Europa demo, and that made me really want to do something with a fade to white... I use too much fade to black.



Took a quick break from InterIm development to work on Minart.

Finally got transparencies to work, and the performance doesn't seem that bad. I can get multiple moving particles on the screen with no problems.🙂

To be honest, I picked this up now because I spent way too much time searching for bitmap fonts without transparency for my InterIm demos. That's a thing of the past now.


This weekend I was playing around with InterIm to try out some new features (asRefs macro) and some old ones that were not really tested (custom render ops), so I decided to build a drum machine! 🎵

The API could still use some improvements, but this is getting to an almost usable state. 🙂

Font: Spleen by Frederic Cambus (https://github.com/fcambus/spleen) Drum Samples: Free Pipe Pack by Goldbaby (https://www.goldbaby.co.nz/freestuff.html)

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