An problem that has been bothering me for the some months now: The MyVodafone app has not been adjusted for inflation (at least in Portugal).

Comparing the "Yorn" phone plans from 2015/2018/2021/2023:

  • 2015: €1.80/wk (~€7/month), €2.35/wk (~€9/month), €3.90/wk (~16€/month)
  • 2018: €2.25/wk (~€9/month), €3.99/wk (~16€/month)
  • 2021: €2.75/wk (~€11/month), €3.99/wk (~16€/month), €4.99/wk (~20€/month)
  • 2023: €2.95/wk (~€12/month), €4.10/wk (~16€/month), €5.30/wk (~21€/month), €6.35/wk (~25€/month)

Meanwhile, the payment options are still €5/€10/€15 - which were OK for ~2015 prices, but now pretty much all plans require you to charge a custom amount.

I wonder if this is an oversight or if there's some fear that changing the values will make more users aware of the price changes.🤔